Meeting on Friday nights at Firswood Community Centre, M32 8QS between 6 - 8 pm. All are welcome!

Only £3 per session (including refreshments!)

To provide an activity where local people can meet and undertake a common endeavour.

To help Choir members become more self-confident singers.

To help Choir members learn how to improve their voice and learn how to harmonise.

To perform publicly and represent the community at local events.

Sing for fun!!

No Auditions!!

I’m here to help you to realize your ambition to sing well and above all enjoy yourself whilst you learn. All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced, and at any age!

Singing in a choir is a great opportunity to build on team work skills; social skills, aiding memory, aiding learning ability, helping time management skills, problem solving and gaining experience in handling stressful situations during performances. Music is also known to help reduce blood pressure and calm stress.

Come and be part of a truly uplifting community experience! Everyone is welcome to join – young, youngish and not so young. Don’t be shy, there are no auditions, there’s no need to read music, just bring yourself and a bottle of water (it can be thirsty work!).

Some people put all sorts of obstacles in the path of singing; worry they may be out of tune, concern that they can’t read music or they will be a beginner among professionals. None of this matters, our aim is to simply work with what we have and produce a choir that simply enjoys getting together to sing.